Friday, November 21, 2008


Cindy and I are infamous for going to bed early. . . so there was no staying up till midnight for Twilight! But we did with our very kind husbands go on Friday afternoon!!

Overall experience - pleased. I thought there was some horrible acting at times, some awful casting (Rosalie & Jasper), and not a lot of development. . . But, I did like getting back into the story, and there was some fantastic casting (Edward, Bella & Alice), and some really funny and creative parts.

I think that anyone that didn't read the book would have zero idea what was going on (because of the lack of development) - but I enjoyed it because I did read the book.

I'm going to read the first book again and then see the movie again - and I'll see if I change my mind on anything.

Again - overall pleasant experience (with some heartfelt moments)


Sarah Beth said...

I agree with you that the movie had some good moments and some not so good moments. But the moments that I loved really made up for the moments I didn't love. How did you feel about Jacob????

karen said...

So I saw the movie and never read the books. I think that makes me a dork. Oh well. I enjoyed the movie and I may pick up the book. There is a suprise waiting for you over on my blog....

Alexandria Rammell said...

hey we want to have you guys over for dinner in two sundays. that is the 14th! Christie and her little family are coming to. :). Does Summer live in Provo?? I dont have any contact info but if they wanted to come as well they are invited. Let me know if that works!?!

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