Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An early Birthday Tribute to my best friend

I've seen this on other blogs and loved it. . .so I thought I'd follow suit!

In the snowy month of January 2005 an extremely good looking young man and a not in the mood for dating young lady had their first chance meeting.

It was Bryan's number ONE class at BYU. We were taking Communications 101 and were put in a group together. We had to present the very next week, so we got to immediately get to know each other. After that first meeting we were pretty much inseparable from then on.

But, it took TWO months for us to decide that there was no one else we'd rather see. I was reluctant to date exclusively as I had just ended a long relationship!

THREE was the amount of months we got to spend together as a couple before Bryan left back home to Okanogan for FOUR months. Bryan decided that he could make more money over the summer if we went home then if he stayed in Provo.

Bryan and I continued to talk while he was away and I flew out to visit him twice. We had decided that we would see other people over the summer. But after the first visit to Okanogan, it took about FIVE seconds for me to decide that I no longer wanted to see other people. From that day on we have been together. After a year and some change we decided we would make our relationship lasting!

While I was at Bryan's home I met some of his siblings. There are SIX children in Bryan's family and he shares his birthday with two of them (as he is a triplet).

SEVEN is about the amount of times I have been saying since last week that Bryan's gonna be a birthday boy and that he is getting tooooo old.

EIGHT is the day of the month that Bryan and I met in January, is the day of the month that we had our first kiss in February, and the day we decided to be exclusive in March. I wanted to get married on the 8th as well to follow with the tradition, but it wasn't a weekend. So, alas we did not.

NINE is the amount of months Bryan and I continued dating after he got back from Okanogan until we got engaged.

Together, Bryan and I have TEN nieces and nephews that we love dearly. In about six more months the number will increase to ELEVEN. Bryan loves kids and the favor is returned. He is adored by his nieces and nephews!!

The TWELFTH of August is the day Bryan and I were sealed together for time and all eternity.

Halloween is Bryan's favorite holiday. So, Nightmare on THIRTEENTH is just one of the haunted houses Bryan and I went to this year.

FOURTEEN is about the amount of articles of clothing Bryan had in his closet before I met him. I remember one time asking Bryan what his favorite store to shop in was - he replied, "what do you mean - like which thrift store?" Needless to say, his wardrobe has increased significantly!

Bryan will be taking FIFTEEN credits next semester. After the semester he's currently in, he will have 3 more semesters before he graduates. He will be pretty busy next semester and I am not looking forward to it - but I can't wait till he's done.

Bryan was SIXTEEN a decade ago! When Bryan was sixteen he could be found playing any multitude of sports or watching movies in his basement. Those are still about Bryan's two favorite things. He is a serious movie buff. He knows random facts about most movies and he can full on give you a 10 minute dialogue from most movies. So funny!

Two summers ago Bryan and I spent SEVENTEEN weeks in Alaska working for Princess Tours. Bryan was a tour guide/driver. The old ladies adored him. He grew a beard for the last half of the summer and seriously looked like a mountain men - that did wonders for his tips.

After the EIGHTEENTH game the Seattle Seahawks played in the 2006 season, they were headed to the Super Bowl. This was the first time for the Seahawks to make it to the Super Bowl in the history of the team. They ended up losing 21-10 to Pittsburgh :( Bryan loves all Seattle athletic teams - he is quite devoted!

A few weeks after Bryan's NINETEENTH birthday he left for his mission to the New Hampshire Manchester Mission. I hope that one day (soon) we can go back to his mission.

Bryan was born on the TWENTIETH of November 1982.

We were married when I was twenty years old, I was hoping to wait until I was TWENTY-ONE but my birthday is in the middle of September and the semester starts at the beginning. So we technically got married when I was twenty but I like to think of myself as twenty-one (what's a month?)

Bryan and I spend at least TWENTY-TWO days a month eating lunch together. He kindly takes time out of his busy schedule to meet me for lunch. It is my favorite part of the day. I love spending time with Bryan. I joke that we're never going to be real adults because we laugh pretty much the whole time we're together.

Bryan was TWENTY-THREE when we got married. He was so sweet during the whole planning the wedding process. I told him after we got engaged that I wanted him to be involved in planning the wedding and I wanted to hear his ideas, BUT if I really wanted something I DID NOT want him to disagree :) He did just that. I got everything I really wanted and he helped with the small details!

24 is one of Bryan's favorite TV shows. Last weekend we watched the last seven episodes of last season so we could be ready for the show to start next week.

I probably hear I love you from Bryan TWENTY-FIVE times a day. He is so sweet to always let me know that he loves me and even when he's not saying it, he shows it by the way he treats me!

Bryan will turn TWENTY-SIX on Thursday, November 20th. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband. I love you Bry Guy and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


p-boi said...

That was such a cute post! How long did it take you to figure out how to word things correctly? So fun getting to know Bryan more.

Justin and Coralie said...

I love this... I'll have to do this sometime. :) Very cute. Happy (early) birthday, Bryan!

karen said...

Now that is what I call fun. I have to say that Kaylyn does adore her Uncle Bryan. We miss you all.

Buell Fam said...

That was really cute. I'd think about doing that for Jeff - but that is just too many numbers!

John and Ann Tolman said...

Happy Birthday Bryan! Now to the good stuff...are you going to go see "Twilight" this week-end? Let me know what you think! I can't wait.

Summer Carlile said...

Wow I am definitely the least creative out of all my sisters. Great job on the post and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRYAN!

Summer Carlile said...
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Bethany said...

love this.

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