Sunday, November 6, 2011

6 months

My baby girl is 6 months old

It's hard to believe that we've had this little lady in our lives for half a year. It's amazing how the months fly by (the days not so fast). I don't think Isla loved turning 6 months so much. With it came some changes. We started sleep training. The poor thing has not adapted to it quite as quickly as we hoped. We're 3 weeks into it and still working at it!

She is becoming a very active thing. She is constantly moving and grabbing and trying to figure everything out. She is also giving the best kisses. I don't think she is actually trying to give kisses - but if I pucker up she'll lean in and I can kiss her.

She can also pull herself up to standing and stands like a champ. I am still a nervous first time mother and hover around her if she's standing.

This little girl loves to be outside and loves people watching. We are both sad to see the winter coming because it will limit our outside time. If she is fussy, we just need to walk outside and she'll calm down. There's a large grass area right outside our apartment that lots of women in the apartments gather to with their kids. Even though Isla can't really play with anyone - she loves just being outside with them and watching what they're doing.

Isla got a new toy this month, the jumperoo, and she is loving it. She is an expert jumper. She loves jumping in that thing.

We love having our sweet girl in our family!

and now for a million pictures (as if the hundred above weren't enough). Our happenings in September

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