Sunday, October 16, 2011

Isla's blessing day

We decided to bless Isla on the 4th of July weekend. It was perfect because Summer hadn't had Beckham yet and Cindy and John and the kiddos were in town. So, we were just missing Dane and Karen from my side. Bryan's mom and dad came and his sister Kim and brother Dave and his girls.

Heather was so nice to do a photo shoot for me a few weeks after the blessing.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 months

5 month photo shoot

This girl is a rollie pollie and scootches all over the place. Gone are the days where I can throw her in the jungle gym and try to get a few things done while she's playing. Because now she maneuvers herself completely out of the gym and starts doing double time rolls (going from stomach to back and then back to stomach in one roll) until she is all the way across the room. It is kinda hilarious to watch! She is a great sitter. I'm still nervous to leave her on her own while sitting because she does topple over fairly easily but she can sit for a long time. She is also great at standing while holding onto things and standing and moving her feet while I'm holding her fingers (like walking). She is beginning to love toys and to spend her time discovering new things. She must have something in each hand at all times. She also loves to use her awesome hands to feel people's faces. I cant leave out her feet though - because she loves those too! They are her favorite toy during diaper changes. She loves to put them in her mouth and suck away (the most adorable thing). She still loves to be in on the action and is beginning to notice other babies and little kids. She is always looking around and trying to figure things out. The world really is an exciting place to Isla (this is a great thing except when I'm trying to feed her and she gets distracted by something she needs to figure out). She loves people. She will make friends with anyone that wants to hold her and smile at her. I think I'm going to have an active social butterfly on my hands!

more photos from the month

Engagement Pictures