Monday, February 23, 2009

Lunchtime Struggles

Bryan and I have been having a constant struggle with wanting to be healthy and watching our finances vs. eating whatever we want and wherever we want. We try to bring lunch to work/school everyday so we can save money, time and our figures and just eat in my break room. But, there has sneakily been placed 3 vending machines in the break room! So, everyday after we're done eating we are faced with the chocolate concoctions in the vending machines. It has seriously been such a struggle for me to not swipe my ID card and get a treat. Thereby destroying the cause of bringing lunch! Usually if we ever do succumb to the temptation we decide to share a treat. Today, however, Bryan had to leave right away and I decided to buy the biggest ice cream cone available and eat the whole thing myself. I'm not going to say I totally regret the purchase decision (because it was delicious), but why does it have to be such a struggle? Ahhh the love/hate relationship I have with chocolate!

on another note: if you notice the first four songs on my play list are about being lucky! I thought it'd be fun to follow the St. Patrick's theme throughout. I know that a lot of people are anti having music on the blog or at least anti about having the music automatically playing when they enter. And I get it because you may already be listening to something or whatever. But, this is a blog about me and the music I'm listening to is a big representation of who I am or what I'm feeling. So, I'm sorry to those of you that don't dig the music playing automatically but I think I'm gonna keep it for now. Happy Blogging and Happy Monday!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things I'm pretty Psyched about right now

Psyched #1: my mom sending about 15 emails with pics attached. She had pics from our cruise, mine and summer's graduation, my grandpa's funeral, and Christmas. I think I've decided that my mom and I need to switch cameras because apparently her camera likes me a little better than mine does. I looked pretty ghetto in all of the cruise pics I have!

Uh the Cruise

The whole gang

Formal Night #1

and Formal Night #2

Graduation Baby

I was beginning to think I would never graduate and now it kinda seems like forever ago that I was in school! I love that

My Grandpa's funeral

I wish I could have seen my grandpa one more time before he passed away, but at least we were able to go to his funeral and see grandma again and cousins.

Bryan and John playing Cricket at our house. Sometimes it's a little creepy how much they look alike

Our lovely Christmas Eve dinner - I think my favorite thing about Christmas this year was playing the game Moods! Mom and Dad were pretty crazy during the game - little cheaters :)

Our Christmas tree - I loved having a Christmas tree this year (but I don't love taking it down!)

Psyched #2: Getting ready for Spring Training. Baseball is probably my favorite sport. I love going to Baseball games - it's so fun! I also love getting Giants gear to support my team while the rest of the gang will be wearing Mariners gear :) And it'll be so fun to see most of Bryan's family. I can't wait to hang out with the cute kiddos.

Psyched #3: We just planned a trip to meet my mom and dad in Monterrey the last weekend in April. I don't think I've been back to Monterrey since we moved when I was 3. It will be a short little weekend trip but it'll be fun to see mom and dad and to be in beautiful weather . . . . and Bryan's pretty psyched about seeing the Pebble Beach Golf Course. He's trying to convince me that it's a necessity for him to play the course - but at $495 I think we'll pass. I love little mini trips.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Double Feature Weekend

This weekend we hit up He's Just Not That Into You on Friday night with Summer and Steve and then on Saturday we went to Australia with Conrad and Kali. I enjoyed both of the movies but maybe He's Just a little more. I didn't have too high of expectations for the movie because it's just a chick flick but I actually really enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty funny :) Australia was good as well but maybe I was in a light hearted mood this weekend because He's Just fit my needs a little better. It was a pretty rockin movie weekend

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Starving Students

Every year Bryan and I buy the starving student card we think we're gonna save so much money. And then a few months go by and we completely forget about the card :( We were cleaning out Bryan's wallet this past weekend and found the card. We decided to get some use out of the card and create a cheap date off of it. There really were so many options! We decided to hit up Winger's for dinner and then over to the Nickelcade. Maybe I'm too much like a 12 year old boy. . . but I had a blast! We were probably on Police Trainer for a half hour - love that game! I don't think we've quite made our money back from the card yet - but I've now added a another resolution to my list: Actually use the starving student card!

On another note. BYU offers free software classes to their employees. I took illustrator. What an amazing program! So I decided to use what I learned (which is not that much) and make a header for the blog. I hope to get better at illustrator and change my header each time I change my background. Oh the fun things in life!!

Engagement Pictures