Friday, December 2, 2011

7 months

7 months

We had to try to take her 7 month pictures two days in a row because she rarely sits still anymore!

At 7 months Isla is becoming a real mover. She isn't quite crawling yet but is army crawling and maneuvering her way to whatever she wants to get to. She is getting really quite stable while standing. She pulls herself up to standing on just about everything. She really only needs one hand on something or someone while standing and she can play with the other hand.

We've been sleep training her for a month and a half. We've seen some improvement (especially at night) but we still have a lot of work to do.

She adores food. I love when it's time to feed her rice cereal or vegetables because she loves them. Well she tolerates rice cereal and loves vegetables. At 8 months i'm going to start mixing in fruit with the rice cereal instead of milk - I think she'll like it better that way.

She has her two bottom teeth already. She really loves biting with those things! She is constantly grabbing for mine or Bryan's finger to gnaw on.

She is becoming a little more shy. She'll still go to anyone (if she is well rested and fed) but it takes her a minute to warm up first.

She is a talker (well babbler)! She hasn't said mama or dada (bryan's hoping for papa instead of dada) yet but is talking all the time.

She is really starting to like music. If she hears a song she like, she will start kicking her feet or bouncing up and down and smiling and laughing. She does the same thing when she's excited about anything. Like when her dad comes home from work or when she sees food. It's the best.

Isla is just the sweetest and most fun little thing. I am loving this stage of her life. It is so fun to see her excited to explore the world around her!

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