Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic


I finished reading the shopaholic series in December. I became more and more attached to the story as I went through the series. I thought these books were a fun, light read. If you're looking for some depth - they probably aren't for you!! I've been wanting to see the movie . . . but I didn't hear great reviews . . . so I've been putting it off. We decided to go to the movie last night. I thought it was a cute movie. It's rated PG so it was pretty cheesy at times but I never felt uncomfortable during the movie. It is quite a bit different than the book. But I thought it was a sweet movie.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Soakin Up the Sun

I have a few sad feelings that I'm back to fickle weather UT and not basking in the AZ sun. Spring Training/Golf/Family was a blast. I can't believe how cute my nieces and nephew are! The boys golfed a couple of the mornings and we went to two baseball games. Attridges are big Mariners fans so we hit up Mariners v. Dodgers and Mariners v. Giants. Mariners are my favorite team second to the Giants! So I had no problem sporting my Giants gear while the rest of the fam wore Mariners blue. Rae wore a black shirt so she said she'd root for the Giants with me. I got four Mariner autographs on a ball: Mark Lowe, Brandon Marrow, Franklin Gutierrez, and Jarrod Washburn!! Spring training is a blast - if you've never been I suggest hitting it up

The boys golfing:

At the Peoria Sports Complex. Home of the Mariners and Padres

Alright a note about me: I love ballpark hot dogs. When I say I love them - I mean I looooove them! My dad knows (Esther had two hot dogs!) So, after about five seconds of being at the first game I had to go get a hot dog.

The second more important game: Mariners v Giants. I have to admit that the Mariners won but it was a close game

This is after my first autograph - from Jarrod Washburn. I had my hat sideways when I went to get the autograph from Washburn (who's a Mariner). I went with my brother-in-law Dave, and Dave said to Washburn that he needed to convince me to wear a Mariners hat. Washburn responded with, "I don't care what team hat you wear, just don't wear it sideways!" It was pretty funny. I didn't wear my hat sideways when I got autographs anymore

We were on the front row of the first base line. This is after Bryan grabbed a foul off the wall.

Seriously - Arizona sun (& breeze) and Spring Training and familia equals an amazing time!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Billboard Top Hits cont.

Well the majority of you are correct: 1992!

Some good songs came from that year:

Thanks for playing

Monday, March 2, 2009

Billboard Top Hits

I thought it would be fun to have a playlist with 10 songs from Billboards Top Hits for a certain year. Anyone that wants to can guess the year that the top hits are from. You can leave a comment with your guess or vote below or both!! The playlist will go away and I'll give the answer on Wednesday, March 4th. Remember to pause my normal playlist and Good Luck

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