Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the verdict.....

I have to admit that I was a little shocked when the ultrasound said girl (Bryan not so much)! I really couldn't believe it. Hence the last picture showing my hands saying what and bryan's saying yessss :)

We had my Mom and Dad, Elliot & Katie, Cindy & John, JJ, Calli, and Summer & Steve at the cabin with us.
Heather & Jeff, Aubrey, Brooke on Summer's phone and Dane & Karen on Dad's phone.
While Larry, Rae & Adam were on Skype.

Thanks for sharing this moment with us!

(and thanks for not opening the envelope while we were sleeping like most of you threatened!)

Friday, December 17, 2010


Thanksgiving began a little early for me and Katie. We decided to do the table scape. I found this really cute ornament tree on a blog. So, Katie and I decided to try it out. We were pretty impressed with the way the table looked when we were all done!

Katie and Elliot hosted Thanksgiving this year. We all headed over to their house early Thanksgiving morning to hang out and eat snacks.
Thanksgiving morning was especially good for me because I got a whole suitcase full of maternity clothes. Cindy gave my mom a bunch of her maternity clothes while my mom and dad were visiting them last month. (Thanks again Cindy Lou)

The crowd for Thanksgiving Dinner (Summer & Steve were with his family). It seems like we keep becoming a smaller and smaller group (everyone better stop moving away!). I think we were all anticipating a bigger group because we had tons of leftovers. I think we had 4 full pies left (yikes).

All of us doing the dishes after dinner. It's funny how fast dishes get done when you have 7 people working on them (Katie was taking the picture).

The day after Thanksgiving we all went to a movie. The boys and Katie and I went to The Next Three Days. The movie was pretty good - but we were in the second row and I paid for that the next two days with a headache and stomach ache! Mom, Heather and the girls went to Tangled.

I always love an excuse for my parents to come out. I think I am most grateful this year for my family and Bryan's family and our little baby bump. We are so excited to grow our family!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Boy or Girl Poll

We've had the ultrasound...the envelope is on our now it's just time to vote!
a pic to help you decide if the baby looks more feminine or masculine :)

will baby be a boy or girl?

You have until Christmas Eve to vote!

Engagement Pictures