Friday, December 10, 2010

Boy or Girl Poll

We've had the ultrasound...the envelope is on our now it's just time to vote!
a pic to help you decide if the baby looks more feminine or masculine :)

will baby be a boy or girl?

You have until Christmas Eve to vote!


Kim Wennerlind said...

I asked Isaac what he thought and he said a Boy!! So that is what I went with! Love you guys!

Kim Wennerlind said...

I think I accidently voted twice for boy so you might have to disregard one vote. Sorry. Lol

Bethany said...

I vote boy because I love them. :) Either way you can already tell that your little baby is soooooooooooo precious.

Missy said...

I voted boy too! looks like "He" :) is sucking his thumb in the ultra sound. and that was the same as my Jack in his ultra sound and he still sucks his thumb here and there! so good luck :)

Amy said...

A boy for sure!!! What do you guys think??

BYU Survivors said...

I vote girl because it evens out the boy to girl ratio in our office.
Jacob - girl
Bethany - boy
Lissa - boy

. . .but I think it might actually be a boy!!!

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