Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boy or Girl?

The sex of the baby will be determined November 30th!

We won't find out until Christmas Morning though. We are copying the idea from Kim and Kyle. We're going to have the doctor put the sex in an envelope and open it Christmas Morning with the family. It was so fun to be there with Kim and Kyle and capture their expressions forever. So, we'll be following suit.

But, I've already started looking at the gender predictors to try and figure out what we're having.

  • Heartbeat over or under 140: Girl
  • Chinese Gender Chart: Boy
  • Sweet or Sour: Boy
  • Carrying High or Low: Girl
  • Wedding Ring Test: Boy
  • Mayan age and year at conception: Girl

I guess we'll see just have to wait and see :)

I'll be posting a poll in December!


Summer Carlile said...

Wow that is split right down the middle isn't it?

karen said...

Are you crazy? I have a need to know right away and since ALL the family will not be there I think the doc should call me and let me know. are brave. I could never do it. And it's a girl. That is my vote and I'll stick to it till the day of. Remember Tyler? Yup. I don't trust those ultrasounds anymore. I need to talk. I think I should call. Love you, Esther. I really do.

L Johnson said...

That will be such a fun Christmas gift to open;) We think we may have a Grandson before Thanksgiving;)

Missy said...

That is so fun you did all those differnt charts/predictions! You are so cute! I hope the pregnancy is going well and your feeling good!

Susie Faye said...

oh! ignore my last question now i get why it came in an envelope! you asked the ultra sounds tech to not tell you or not let you see that part right? way cool, what a fun cmas gift for you two.

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