Saturday, January 22, 2011


Christmas this year was so fun. For the last couple of years my parents have come to Utah to spend Christmas instead of each of their kids heading to California. It has been so nice to not have to travel during the holidays. But, it's not quite the same Christmas feeling when each of us are in a different house through the break and we all just get together randomly. This year Elliot found a great cabin in Sundance to rent. So, we all got to stay in the cabin. It really was so fun. John and Cindy and the kiddos even flew out for the break.

Outside the cabin

Our little tree with many presents

Because we were all in the same house we did a lot of just lounging around and hanging out. Along with a lot of Ms. Pacman (the cabin had an old school arcade game) and wii and Minute to Win It games and lets just be honest....eating.

We decorated sugar cookies the first night. I think me, Katie, and Heather decorated the most (it felt like we were decorating for hours). No one in our family particularly likes sugar cookies so Katie was so kind to eat pretty much all of them. Well, I guess JJ helped a little by licking the frosting off of them and then leaving the cookies behind.

Our best creations

Dad's best creation

The next day we decided we couldn't be up at Sundance without taking advantage of the snow by sledding. JJ and Calli didn't love sledding and I wasn't allowed to sled....but Bryan and John and Katie and even Mom had a pretty good time. The rest of us were freezing and wanted to head in but we couldn't pull the four of them away.

Cindy and Calli

Bryan - after one of his many tricks

For Christmas Eve, Heather lead the family in telling the Nativity story by having the kids unwrap the different characters in the story and then setting up the manager. After the kiddo's activity we did the traditional Bagley event of acting out the Nativity. Bryan and I were Mary and Joseph of course!

Bryan and I decided that we would host a Minute to Win It competition for Christmas day. After all of the opening of presents we started the competition. Each couple was a group. We had "The Dollar Billz" - El and Katie; "Buellios" - Heath and Jeff; "Merris Magic" - Cindy & John; "Carlizzles" - Sum and Steve; "Attragedies" - Us; "Bag It To Win It" - Mom and Dad. I even started a blog with the list of the games we were going to play. It was seriously so fun and everyone really got into the games. In the end we crowned Merris Magic as the winners. But everyone really received a few extra lives to get to the last round (we asked questions about our family to get extra lives). Everyone continued practicing the games after the competition was over to see if they could beat all games.

The games were for the adults, but Aubrey and JJ couldn't resist trying them out too

The next day, Summer and Cindy decided to instigate a Ms. Pac Man competition. John and Cindy were of course the all stars - none of the rest of us even came close. I think John even got the high score on the arcade game.

Well Christmas 2010 - thanks for a great time. Next time we just need the Bagleys in Alabama with us!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our life mapped out

So...I saw this cute map (below) on a blog and loved it. I didn't know what all the hearts meant but I knew I wanted to have a map like it.

link for the artist

I decided to update the map a bit to include:
  • our hometowns (blue houses)
  • all the places we've lived since we've been together - but since we've only lived one place I decided to throw in a place we might move to next to get the gist (pink hearts)
  • the places our babies were born - or will be born (pink baby)
  • and all the places we've visited together (orange labeled hearts)

I don't quite know what the purpose of this map is yet, but I do know that I want to keep editing it forever and have a visual history of our life and regularly reprint the map and frame it and put it somewhere.

I just love the idea of being able to see everywhere we've been. And i would love to go to someone else's house and see where they've been and where they've lived.

as you can tell.....I'm just a little excited about it and wanted to share!

Engagement Pictures