Tuesday, July 31, 2012

life day by day :: june

here's a look at our day by day.  all photos and captions via instagram

At the pool with uncle elliot :)
{june 1}

Elliot and isla at the baby shower
{june 2}

This girl is srsly always busting a move! No music on and she's just dancing away
{june 6}

sharing a car with her buddy aleigha.  Isla always likes to tag along with aleigha
{june 7}

She just realized today that the top step is just like being in her bath.  I found some treasures in my bag and we just played on the steps.
{june 8}

When is isla going to start liking chuck e cheese's?!  This was the only ride she lasted on for more than a second and she was still gripping me so tight.
{june 9}

had her first Oreo today.....chocolate got everywhere
{june 10}

We are leaving isla with aunt heather.  And for the first time someone beside me or Bryan is going to put isla to bed :(.  Feeling just slightly nervous - it's a good thing isla adores her aunt heather
{june 12}

Bryan and I at the bees game but we're rooting for the Tacoma Rainiers
{june 12}

First 7 peaks day of the year.  Holy cow was it busy!  But it sure was fun - isla of course ran around like a crazy person and showed no fear at all
{june 13}

Dancing along with her cousin Witney!  We can't wait to see Witney in Vegas week and hopefully in the show!!
{june 14}

I adore my girl!  Notice the bunny in the bottom corner...there are always stuffed animals around nowadays
{june 15}

We finally got to have a pool day with daddy
{june 16}

Love her
{june 16}

A good start to father's day
{june 17}

Isla and daddy breaking in isla's father's day gift to daddy.  Bryan's daddyville back massage tshirt has stops at UYSA, home, sleepy ridge golf course, gas station, and safeco field. {thanks to pinterest for the idea}
{june 17}

We've been outside 5 minutes! :(  And yes she's sitting in the mud so her legs and bum are covered.  Yuck!
{june 18}

We will now be sticking inside and coloring
{june 18}

She was in baby doll heaven today at toys r us
{june 19}

Remember when Live with Kelly called me a few months ago?! Well...surprise surprise...they called again!!! I'm on Live with Kelly this morning! Crazy
{june 20}

Is this not the cutest scene?!  Two of isla's friends needed to be watched so we had a little party eating snacks :)
{june 21}

Isla's first best friend just moved away :(  Isla and I were sitting in our apartment and kept hearing a cute little voice say "isla isla isla" so we opened the door to see Aleigha!  She came up to say goodbye.  Lots of hugs and kisses were shared between the two girlies
{june 22}

Cutest little besties around!
{june 22}

Tried out pigtails this morning.  Oh man....she's gonna be real fun in a few months when I'm trying to do her hair every day! #sarcasm
{june 23}

We went to barnes and noble to get some new books for our trip.  Isla of course was more interested in holding every stuffed animal and making new friends.  This girl makes friends everywhere we go
{june 25}

Family date night at provo beach resort!  The carousel was of course hit up :)
{june 26}

Toddler town was our adventure (and we had the place to ourselves)
{june 26}

More from toddler town
{june 26}

We then stopped to play in the fountains for a minute 
{june 26}

The bean museum is closing for a year.  We decided to visit one more time before the shut it down for renovations (with the Buells of course)
{june 27}

Isla was such an angel on the plane going to oktown to visit Bryan's family.  We watched a little bit of Tangled while isla shared my soda
{june 29}

Dad and isla played sickers and necklaces on the plane.  And on the 3 hr drive from the airport to bryan's hometown (yikes!)  Isla slept and then colored and sang songs.  Srsly I couldn't have asked for a better travel day with her!
{june 29}

isla with her two baby cousins!
{june 30}

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Friday, July 27, 2012

life day by day :: May

here's a look at our day by day.  all photos and captions via instagram

This is probably only the second time isla's ever worn a bracelet!  I was cleaning out her 12 mo clothes and found these bracelets my sister made.  I've got to admit it looks pretty darling!
{May 1}

We went to the BYU duck pond today.  So fun.  Isla wanted to join the ducks in the water :)
{May 5}

I get to spend every morning in bed snuggling this little lady while we put stickers and necklaces and bracelets all over dad's face!  Might be my favorite part of the day
{May 6}

My mom gave me a bag of bows that I wore when I was little.  Isla and I decided to try them (all) on.  So funny that 25 years have passed and moms are still making their babies bows
{May 7}

Somebody has glitter polish on her toe nails today
{May 7}

She's in her new car seat....but still rear facing because of the new recommendatioon to keep them rear facing for 2 yrs :(.  We're gonna go 15 months and then see how we feel!
{May 8}

One of our cute little neighbors followed Isla and I up to our apartment after having a picnic lunch outside.  She ended up playing with us for an hr.  Isla loved showing her all her toys!  Loved our little impromptu playdate
{May 9}

Not many married couples can say they have video footage of the first time they hung out.....Bryan and I can.  Just watching the video we made for our comms 101 class where we first met
{May 9}

Just a few more screenshots :)
{May 9}

It was so windy outside today that we had the whole grassy area to ourselves.  A lot of grass and weeds were picked
{May 10}

Mama!! I told you I wanted some grapes!
{May 10}

What do you spy in all pictures?  Uh ya I really need to get my girl a purse!
{May 11}

Zoning out on the swings.....she had a rough day
{May 12}

Toddlers are the best!!  Apparently Isla didn't want to share closet space with her papa anymore....so she moved his stuff to the bathtub :)
{May 14}

It was a run through the sprinklers kind of day!
{May 15}

And then a picnic lunch  afterwards :)
{May 15}

Isla got to go to toys r us today and pick out her birthday presents from both sets of grandparents.  I'm just a month late in taking her!
{May 16}

Isla is in love with these fridge magnets!!
{May 16}

Another saturday at the soccer fields with daddy means.....sliding and swinging and playing with friends for this little lady
{May 19}

Watching the photo montage from mom and dad's wedding video.  She was pointing and waving hi
{May 20}

Getting pretty for the day in the bathroom sink
{May 22}

yesterday morning we babysat a cute little boy that's about 6 months older than isla.  Their favorite game was to share eachothers snacks.  silly kiddos
{May 22}

First pool day of the year and Isla loved it!!
{May 22}

Me and my girl at the pool.
{May 22}

Papa Larry is in town and isla is already starting to warm up to him
{May 23}

Sharing a soda with grandpa
{May 25}

Reading stories with papa and grandpa!  We're so sad to see grandpa leave tomorrow :(
{May 26}

Our new fridge magnet collage via instagram pics :)
{May 27}

Farm Country today and isla's first pony ride
{May 28}

Another pool day
{May 29}

Can every day be a pool day?  Please!  No more cool weather!!
{May 29}

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