Thursday, May 28, 2009


Another belated post - so sad. If you remember my post from last December you'll know that Bryan and I stayed up all night and were the second and third people in line to get tickets to Wicked. It seemed like forever from the time we got the tickets to when we actually got to go to the show! Wicked is the best musical I have ever seen. Ever since we got the tickets I have been listening to the music. I thought I had a pretty good idea of the story line - but apparently I only knew the first half. Almost everyone in the fam got to go. Mom was in town because of little Baby Brooke being born a month early so that was great because mom got to go - but sadly Heather and Jeff couldn't go. Here are some pics to document the experience

After Wicked we went to the Cheesecake factory for dessert. I have to admit I picked the best cheesecake - 30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake mmmm.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monterey Trip with the parents :)

This is an ubber belated post - but it's quite noteworthy. I was born in Monterey and moved when I was three years old. I'm sure we went back at some point. . . .but I had no memory of it. So Bryan and I decided to fly to Oakland and meet my parents and spend some time in Central California. My mom and dad are the best vacation planners. We arrived in Oakland early Friday morning.
We drove around Oakland and saw the house my dad grew up in, the temple, and ate at Kaspers (this is where grandpa and grandma bagley used to eat)

After Oakland we headed over to San Francisco. We planned on spending most of the day in San Fran - but it was extremely windy. We walked around china town for a bit, drove to Coit Tower, went down Lombard St. and then busted out of there.
(the famous Lombard Street)

(view of steep Lombard Street from Coit Tower)
(Golden Gate Bridge)
(Christopher Columbus statue and Alcatraz from Coit Tower)

On our way to Monterey my dad remembered this amazing restaurant in Capitola-by-the-sea. Shadowbrook is seriously the coolest restaurant. If you're ever in Central California you have to look it up. It is hanging over the sea. So you park and then take a little trolley car down to the restaurant. Every level of the restaurant is extended out farther so everyone has a great view.

From the restaurant we headed to our hotel in Marina. After we unloaded a bit we drove around Marina. I was born in the Monterey Hospital but we actually lived in Marina. So, I got to see all the houses we lived in and the schools my older siblings went to.

The next morning we got up and headed to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Bryan was loving taking pics at the aquarium. Most of our pictures from the trip are at the aquarium. I'll spare you a bit :)

After the aquarium we headed to the white sand beach of Carmel. My boss, Mark, gave me a recommendation for brunch: Katy's Place. Another incredible place to eat. The best eggs benedict to ever exist and ridiculously delicious crepes. Another place you have to hit up if you're in central California.

(a Frank Lloyd Wright home)
(Carmel Beach)

From the beach we headed to the Monterey Hospital. It's a pretty incredible hospital. It's in a beautiful location with trees surrounding it. And there's a little pond in the middle.

After the hospital we took the 17 mile drive leading to Pebble Beach Golf Course (Bryan's highlight!). It really is a beautiful golf course and has a beautiful club house.

After Pebble Beach we took a drive to see the redwoods and got some ice cream at this cute little place in the cute little city (I can't remember the name dad - my bad!!)

The next morning we went to church in Seaside and then drove to San Jose to see Aunt Marlene, Uncle Joe and Grandma Bagley. We had a nice visit and Joe made his famous cheese dip and guacamole (incredible). We then headed back to the Oakland Airport and flew home.

I love Monterey/Carmel. They have such a rockin vibe. This was one of my favorite vacations ever. We decided to make it a yearly tradition to take a little weekend trip in April with my parents. The tradition started last year when we went on a cruise with them. We just happened to take a trip to Monterey with them this year at the same time the cruise was last year. So now it's tradition.

Thanks mom and dad - love you! Can't wait for next year (Florida? L.A.?)

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