Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So You Think You Can Dance is probably my favorite show that has ever existed (well besides FRIENDS)! We finally got through Vegas week and the competition has begun. I was seriously blown away tonight. I was going to post my top 3 performances but I ended up loving just about all of them. So, in order of my preference (and it was a tough decision) . . . here's the rundown:

The number 1 spot has to go to Jeanine and Phillip who did Hip Hop. Tabitha and Napoleon are such incredible choreographers! And I can't believe how great Jeanine was for being a contemporary dancer.

number 2 is for Melissa and Ade who danced Contemporary. I'm not sold on naughty ballerina's personality yet. . . but she is a great dancer. This was one of those have to rewind back and rewatch a couple more time performances.

number 3 goes to Caitlin and Jason who did Bollywood. I'm so glad this genre was introduced to the show - it's incredible to watch. And, I think Jason might be my fav this year (hmmm - we'll have to see)

number 4 is for the Utah Girl Randi and Evan who did Jazz. I wasn't sure how I was gonna feel about either of them. But, I love when I feel tingles after watching a performance!!

number 5 (I know I'm still going - I said I loved most of them) is for the crash test dummies Ashley and Kupono who danced Jazz. This was just such a cool routine. Pretty much unbelievable.

number 6 goes to Kayla and Max who danced Samba. I love Kayla's story. I typically don't like hearing the sad stories of contestants in either American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance, but Kayla's really touched me (cheesy - I know).

lastly number 7 is for Janette and Brandon who did Foxtrot. First of all they danced to Michael Buble, so that's already great, but I thought they did a really nice job.

The other 3 performances were just ok for me.

Love SYTYCD!! What did everyone else think??

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