Monday, February 9, 2009

Double Feature Weekend

This weekend we hit up He's Just Not That Into You on Friday night with Summer and Steve and then on Saturday we went to Australia with Conrad and Kali. I enjoyed both of the movies but maybe He's Just a little more. I didn't have too high of expectations for the movie because it's just a chick flick but I actually really enjoyed it. I thought it was pretty funny :) Australia was good as well but maybe I was in a light hearted mood this weekend because He's Just fit my needs a little better. It was a pretty rockin movie weekend


L Johnson said...

I would like to see Australia, but maybe I will take into consideration my mood before I choose:) I love your awesome header and very cute background!

p-boi said...

I luuuv the new blog look! Great job! I've been wanting to see Australia for awhile now...I hope it's good!

Summer Carlile said...

Super cute new background! We had so much fun going to the movies with you.

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