Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Bryan

The birthday morning started out not quite right. It's tradition in our family to have breakfast in bed on the morning of birthdays. Bryan's boss called last night and asked if he would cover a shift in the morning. Reluctantly Bryan agreed. I decided that I wasn't nice enough to get up at 5 to have breakfast ready for Bryan before he had to be to work at 7. When we got to the MTC, Bryan found out that his boss asked a co-worker to cover the same shift. I felt bad that Bryan didn't get breakfast and for no reason. . . so I decided to take him to Kneaders for all-you-can-eat french toast instead. The french toast was delectable. . .but, Bryan was not very happy about the service (long story).

After school and work we had Dinner at Tucanos with the Buells (we typically celebrate Bryan and Jeff's b-days together since they're a week apart) and then watched The Dark Knight at the Dollar theatre!

(I forgot my camera - so the pics are from my phone - not the highest quality!)
Happy Birthday Bryan!!

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