Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Triplets - Then and (sort of) Now

The triplets were born between 11:51 pm and 11:53 pm on November 20, 1982.

When Larry and Rae walked into the hospital that day they were expecting to go home with two. Surprise! Kim was hiding up under Rae's rib cage.

The triplets as stocking stuffers - too cute

Quite the juggling act - I'm sure these pics are pretty telling of how it was trying to care for 3

I love this picture of the 3 of them!!

High School sports & Graduation

The family minus a few


Shannon said...

Oh it makes me tear up! Seriously so beautiful, i love the picture of all 3 in the Stockings. It is so close to when my 3 were born! I would have loved to have seen all 3 of my babies grow up together.

I bet you are pretty close with his sisters, you would have to be! ;)

Bethany said...

such a cute post!! and to bryan- happy b-day and NICE b-ball pic. hilarious!!!!!

Kim Wennerlind said...

Very cool! I hadn't even seen a couple of those pics from when we were little. Happy Birthday Bry Guy!!

L Johnson said...

Very sweet tribute:)

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