Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Halloween

This year we had a pretty low key Halloween. Friday night we spent the night at Cindy and John's because John was away on business and Cindy wanted company. While Cindy slept, Bry and I watched scary movies. The next morning Bryan went to the airport to pick up John while Cindy and I made pumpkin pancakes. They weren't the best tasting pancakes but they were pretty cute. We made jack-o-lantern pancakes. After we ate, Bryan and I went home and watched more scary movies.

Then we got ready and were off making the rounds. We stopped at Cindy and John's first and ate pizza. J.J. was the cutest little bee I've ever seen. When J.J. went to the first house to trick or treat he saw someone that was dressed in a scary outfit and he said "ohh scary" and shook his little shoulders. It was so cute and it's funny because he makes the same motion when it's cold outside but he says "ohh freezing."

Next we were off to Heather and Jeff's to see the girlies and drink homemade root beer and eat homemade spudnuts. Aubrey and Brooke were 50's girls. Heather made both of their outfits and they looked so professional. The girls were seriously darling. After we had been at the Buell's for awhile, Aubrey decided that she wanted to do some more trick or treating. So Bryan and I got to take her to a few more houses. Aubrey was so cute - she was mesmerized by all of the costumes.

I love that I have so much family around. . . especially when I get see their cute kids all dressed up for Halloween!


karen said...

So fun. And I have a you get scared while watching these movies or is it that they are supposed to be scary? Next year I vote you come to our house for Halloween. We do apple cider!

John and Ann Tolman said...

I don't do scary movies anymore...guess the "old age" is setting in. It is fun to have family around at holiday time!

bethany said...

so precious!! and how fun, i so wish i was surrounded by family like that! i love scary movies, what did you watch? and where in the heavens are your costumes?! ;)

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