Monday, November 9, 2009

Grandma Bagley's Funeral

My Grandma Bagley passed away on Tuesday, October 20th. I was able to attend her funeral two weeks ago. Grandma Bagley was one of the most wonderful women I know. She has such a sweet and kind spirit. In May Bryan and I met my parents in Monterey. While we were on the trip we stopped in San Jose at my Aunt Marlene's home where grandma was staying. I haven't been home very often since I left for college. It's nice to know that I was able to see my grandma and say goodbye before she passed away.

The funeral service was such a great way to celebrate my grandma. For my grandpa's funeral last year, we had all the male grandkids give memories and talks. So, this time the female grandkids gave talks. It was so nice to celebrate my grandma's life. I really hope that I can develop some of her qualities.

I love you grandma and I'm so happy you can be with your husband again.

(I borrowed these pictures from Shannon Taylor and Laurel Johnson)

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