Monday, November 16, 2009

hanging with the merris'

Last Wednesday Bryan and I went over to Cindy's house. Cindy has a 1 month old baby and Bryan has a rule that he will not hold babies until they are old and strong enough to hold their own head. So, Bryan hadn't held Calli yet. While Cindy left to run an errand, Bryan decided it was time to hold Calli. I had to take a picture to document the experience. As soon as we heard Cindy's car pull up, Bryan handed Calli over to me and told me not to tell Cindy. I guess he didn't want Cindy to pressure him to hold Calli every time he sees her. But the secrets out now :)

JJ decided he wanted a turn holding Calli after Bryan did. Calli didn't love the experience quite as much!

And just a pic of cute JJ chilling with his cars.

the pics are super blurry because they're on BA's cell

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Cindy Merris said...

WHAT!?! I can't believe I missed that.

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