Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where Should We Settle?

Bryan and I have frequent conversations about where we'll end up after he's done with school. I always tell him that I'd like to move around a bit before we eventually settle on the West Coast. I was perusing through some blogs and found this link where you answer questions and it shoots out a list of places that fit your criteria!! I loved it.

So where are Bryan and I to settle?:

Here is our top 24 according to the list:
1. Charleston, South Carolina
2. Augusta, Georgia
3. Norfolk, Virginia
4. Tampa, Florida
5. Houston, Texas
6. Orlando, Florida
7. Jacksonville, Florida
8. El Paso, Texas
9. Chesapeake-Virgina Beach, Virginia
10. New York City, New York
11. West Palm Beach, Florida
12. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
13. Phoenix, Arizona
14. Charlotte, North Carolina
15. Long Island, New York
16. Austin, Texas
17. San Antonio, Texas
18. Memphis, Tennessee
19. Dallas, Texas
20. Fort Worth, Texas
21. Atlanta, Georgia
22. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
23. Manhattan, New York
24. Nashville, Tennessee

I just have two questions about this list: 1 - why so much Texas (sorry Katie and John not gonna happen) and 2 - Why no California? I love California - I love love California.

Anyway - it's pretty fun so everyone should try it out!!


karen said...

I love this list! So close to Alabama. All within driving distance for all those fun holidays. The weather is great. What is taking you so long? We are ready for more southerns!!!

L Johnson said...

Charleston is a wonderful city!!!!! Summerville is to the west only 30 miles and 25 min. I think you should go with the #1 city on this list:)Nashville is wonderful too;)

Summer Carlile said...

So I totally didn't get any california either. Lame game because all of my stuff totally fits california. I think the game is against it.

Rick and Ayme Orwin said...

We did this, We'll have to figure out how to put it up!!!

We miss y'all! When are y'all headed to Arizona?

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