Saturday, October 11, 2008

I've been tagged!

The deal with the tag is this: "Pick your fourth picture file and the fourth picture from that and post it."

This is on our wedding day (obviously. . . notice the veil)! I'm sure we're discussing something very important - but what I'm not sure about is why our photographer took the pic! Anyway, thanks for tagging Karen (and you've always been a great mom - I can't believe I'm older now than you were when you had Thomas!)

I now tag Katie, Ayme, Amy and Bethany! Can't wait to see the pics :)


karen said...

Wow. You did that so fast. Considering it was your wedding day, I am sure you are discussing "something every important."

L Johnson said...

I love it a very classy black and white!

Bethany said...

haha, nice pic! sometimes i'll take a lame pic like that but i'll delete it before the bride can see it. i like to think i'm saving me and them some embarrassment. eek, hopefully they don't care! sooo, i'm so excited to be tagged. yessss. ps. thanks again so much for everything saturday, i hope it all went perfectly!

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