Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where Should We Settle? Part 2

Bryan saw the post and wanted to participate. So, he took the quiz and got totally different results!! I guess we're still up in the air with where to settle.

Here's Bryan's list:
1. Phoenix, Arizona
2. St. George, Utah
3. Lake Havasu city, Arizona
4. Colorado Springs, Colorado
5. Billings, Montana
6. Kent, Washington
7. Scottsdale, Arizona
8. Yuma, Arizona
9. Boise, Idaho
10. Fort Collins, Colorado
11. Tacoma, Washington
12. Bellingham, Washington
13. Tucson, Arizona
14. Provo-Orem, Utah
15. Spokane, Washington
16. Olympia, Washington
17. Denver, Colorado
18. Missoula, Montana
19. Salt Lake City, Utah
20. Ogden, Utah
21. Brownsville, Texas
22. McAllen, Texas
23. Loveland, Colorado
24. Seattle, Washington

As you can see there is lots of Washington on his list (ah the irony) - I think he may have cheated!!


karen said...

Yeah. What a BIG cheater. All of those are in the west! Stick with your list. Trust me the south is great. And with family it would be even better.....

Shannon said...

I see a lot of Utah too!!;)

I like Manhatten NY! That would be so fun for you guys, but only for a couple of years!

Idaho Penningtons said...

We live 1 hour from spokane - that sounds good!!!

Buell Fam said...

I am personally a fan of #14 and #19 & #20 would also do. As far as the rest - just toss them out!

Amy said...

Ok so we're lovin #1 for Bryan! Don't let us down!

John and Ann Tolman said...

California is going into the Pacific Ocean SOON...that is if Prop 8 doesn't pass...Do you like the water??? Hopefully all the closing prayers in Sac meeting yesterday from all the Bishops in California "helps!"

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