Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas in Washington

This was my first Christmas not with the Bagleys. It was fun to see how different families celebrate in different ways. I was sad that I didn't get to make a gingerbread house though :( We spent a whole week with the Attridge's. We left the Friday before Christmas and we just flew back two days ago. All the kids came home so it was a full house. Bryan and I were lucky enough to have one of the bedrooms :) Adam and Michelle and their kids Kaden and Maci live in Bryan's hometown as well as Jill and Scott so there were four of the six kids staying at the Attridge home. Kelli's living at home right now but sadly she was kicked out of her room. Kim and Kyle are living in Seattle and they had to sleep on a blowup bed in the family room. Bry and I flew in from Utah and Dave and Amy and their baby Addelyn surprised everyone by flying in from Arizona. It was nice to have everyone there.

We spent most of the break learning how to play Guitar Hero. It's kinda an awesome game - it feels like you're actually playing the guitar. I know I know Bryan and I are a little behind the times by just now playing Guitar Hero. Kyle brought the game and he is a pro - incredible to watch. Our nephew Kaden who's 6 is so good too. I didn't think a 6 year old could do it - but he could.

Christmas morning was so fun. We woke up at 7 and opened all our presents and then we played for awhile until the big family dinner. Bryan has a ton of extended family in Okanogan so we had to have dinner at the church to hold us all. Jill came up with the idea to have the first annual ugly christmas sweater contest at the dinner. There were some seriously ugly sweaters involved.

At the dinner we took tons of family pictures. And Rae is known for wanting some family pictures of just her kids. Kyle decided that we should have a family picture of just the outlaws. It was really funny.

We went and saw I Am Legend and National Treasure 2 at the theatre and we went bowling. I took a couple pics of people after they got a strike or a spare. Our nephew Kaden is so cute. He was having so much fun bowling.

All in all Christmas was great. I'm so glad we were able to fly to Okanogan and see the fam. I don't know when all of us will be together again - but I'm looking forward to it!

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