Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Breakfast in Bed for Bryan

Well, I wasn't able to wake up at 3 am to have breakfast for Bryan before he went off to work. So, he got breakfast in bed after he got back.


Shannon said...

What an amazing WIFE you are!!! I love to see your blog, And great pictures of Baby J, i can't wait to see him!
Happy Birthday Bryan!!!
You spoiled him Esther! ;)
I am so excited that you blog,
I am adding you to my list k!

Justin & Coralie said...

Aww what a nice wife you are! :) Happy Belated Birthday, Bryan! :) We're glad y'all have a blog too. It's good to know what's happening in your life. It's been forever since we have seen y'all. Where are you living now?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. Happy Birthday Bryan. We hope you got are card. We love all the pictures. have a great day.
Dane and Karen

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