Monday, November 19, 2007

HaPpY BiRtHdAy BrYaN!

A quarter of a century old . . . tomorrow! When Bryan got home tonight I had all his presents sitting out and he just couldn't wait till the morning to open them. I got him a Samsung Home Theatre system to match his Samsung 50 in. Plasma (he picked out the home theatre system - I'm not gonna lie), 2 pairs of jeans, pj bottoms, a robe and moccasins (he's been really wanting a pair since he saw Adam Sandler wearing them on Conan)! Happy Birthday! He's gonna be the best dressed sleeper with all his new gear :) The home theatre system wasn't in stock so the picture of Bryan holding a piece of paper is the receipt for the system. He'll get it on Friday!


ashley said...

Happy Birthday, BA! So glad you guys have a blog, and now we can get updates...

P.S. Drew's gonna be a dad? whoa!

Jill said...

Scott has moccasins too! He calls them his "house shoes". He's had them so long that they're getting a little ripe, so beware and wash them occasionally!

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