Tuesday, May 8, 2012

life day by day :: april

here's a look at our day by day.  all photos and captions via instagram

instagram is just the best and easiest way to quickly share our life with those we love

we decided to paint easter eggs outside...and good thing because isla's favorite game was dumping the dye!
{April 5}

My cutest little easter bunny! Our grocery store had face painting and an easter egg hunt.
{April 6}

Daddy came home!
{April 6}

At the BYU baseball game
{April 7}

It still looks a lot like Easter around here
{April 9}

I've got my snacks, got my sippy cup, got some books, and OSO's on tv.  Nothing could be better
{April 10}

Somebody loves her new shoes! She keeps taking a few steps and then bending down to look at them :)
{April 11}

We went to Toys R Us for Brooke to pick out a birthday present from her grandma.  We filled a cart with all the possibilities and then set them all out so she could choose!
{April 12}

She is begging Rachael Ray for a bite.  My baby girl would like to have food in her hand and in her mouth at all times
{April 13}

Party prep is in full force for a little someone's birthday!
{April 13}

Daddy's almost home!
{April 13}

What is better than having an almost 1 yr old?  Having an almost 1 yr old that likes to lay on mama for a few minutes after she wakes up from her nap
{April 16}

Easter eggs were the best thing to ever happen to us!
{April 17}

We needed some boxes for "cars" for Isla's drive-in bday party but Bryan had the car.  So off we walked to Bed Bath and Beyond.  Loaded up and then walked back down Main Street.  We got a few looks.  What can I say we're super classy!
{April 18}

And this is how I found my little lady when we got home.  She's transistioning to one nap and didn't take her nap this morning.  Luckily she stayed asleep when I put her in her crib
{April 18}

My sweet baby did not get enough sleep yesterday.  So some snuggling/dozing time with mommy was in order.  And she actually wanted a pacifier for the first time in like 6 months
{April 19}

Isla's first bday party!! she loved sitting in her car eating her food and watching the show! I loved every minute of her party
{April 21}

this little girl is loving all of her new toys!  She got spoiled :)
{April 22}

My baby girl is one year old today!
{April 22}

Little buddies :)
{April 23}

Once you're a 1 yr old you no longer need mom to read the stories to you
{April 24}

Somebody has the flu :(  At least it waited till after her birthday
{April 25}

Just staring out the window and wishing she could go outside and play with her friends.  So sad!
{April 25}

The last two days have looked a lot like this:  building toy forts, reading stories, and snuggling stuffed animals.  Found out she has the flu and strep.  Poor little thing!  And you wouldn't even guess she's sick with how sweet she's been
{April 26}

Sometimes it's hard to choose which stories for bedtime.....so we'll just do a page from each one :)
{April 26}

Isla went to a princess birthday party yesterday - she was snow white!  If only she would look up at me sometimes
{April 28}

Playing a round of....."I'm gonna come and get you!"  If only you could hear the squeals of delight accompanying this picture
{April 29}

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