Monday, April 30, 2012

11 months

this post is so late....and now it's a blur when exactly she started doing things.....but here it goes

She not only is the cutest waver when saying hello and goodbye but also blows a kiss whenever you say bye to her.  I adore it!  I'm pretty sure she thinks that say goodbye means blow a kiss.  She even makes the muah sound when she does it.

Isla is the best dancer around.  She still does all of her really great dance movements like bouncing and kicking her feet and bopping her head, but has added waving her arms like she is conducting music.  So funny!  I think she might have got the idea from the music leader in primary.

I've noticed her getting a little shy around strangers.  She doesn't like anyone to force themselves on her.  She likes to get comfortable with the environment first and figure everything out and then she'll make her way to you if she finds what you have or are doing interesting.  She just doesn't really like when people grab and hold her.  She'll usually reach back to me or bryan when they do.

She is an independent little lady.  When we are at home she is busy doing her own thing.  I try to come up with games for her and I to play together, but she'd rather come up with her own game.

I like to call her danger baby - because she has no fear!  She climbs up on everything.  I think she sees the whole world as one big stair case.  We spend a lot of time outside climbing up and down the stairs.  My back doesn't love this game all that much.  She wishes I would let her do the stairs by herself......but she's not really capable of going downstairs alone yet.  She can climb up though.

She is my best little friend.  I love getting to spend everyday with her.  I just adore her and love watching the silly little things she does all the time :)

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Laurel Johnson said...

Darling pictures Esther, she is adorable!

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