Friday, April 15, 2011

baby books

where is the best place to buy books for babies for cheap?

I realize I could go to Barnes & Noble - but couldn't I get them cheaper?

I have so many books I love from my childhood and I want to get those same books for my little girl!

what are your favorite kid books?


Heather Buell said...

I get a lot of stories at the $1 store. But, you wouldn't be able to get the specific ones you want. I would check Kid to Kid in Lindon and ebay.

Karen said...

ME! I have double of if you give a mouse a cookie, are you my mother, and grover's. I'll send them your way. My favorite to read to my kids are Beatrix Potter. They are all so sweet. I can't believe you will be a Mom. Crazy how time flies.

Kim Wennerlind said...

I just got some berenstain bear books from costco that was pretty cheap. You should check there. I am not sure if they had the No Girls Allowed one, but they get different ones in all the time so you just have to check every so often. Can't believe it is gonna happen so soon!!! Very exciting!

Coralie said...

When Jaden was a baby, I got hooked on Usborne Books. They have awesome, educational books for all ages (but the BEST ones for babies!). So I'm hooked. I sell them now, so there's my shameless plug. Ha! ;)

But really - you can get them for free if you want to do a little "book party." Let me know :)

L Johnson said...

Target, garage sales and Amazon;) Enjoy these next few weeks they will be priceless;)

Anonymous said...

Go to consignment shops and garage sales. Sometimes there are used kids stuff sales like TotSwap or Lamaze sales, so check your area.

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