Wednesday, March 2, 2011

baby question 2


Which diapers did you like better for your newborn?

Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers, Newborn


Pampers Swaddlers Dry Max Diapers, Size N

I realize that every little baby bum is different and I'm probably going to try both brands. But - I just wanted to hear what the majority of you expert moms liked for your brand new babies!

Supplemental Question

How long was your baby in Newborn before you switched to Size 1?


Ashley Allred said...

PAMPERS all the way, for my boys! My boys leak with the huggies. But it really all depends on the shape of your baby! My sister in law feels the opposite. But most moms are talk to, use pampers! But definently Huggies shea butter wipes! They smell AWESOME and are super thick!

Buell Fam said...

Definitely Pampers. Aubrey was not in newborn long. I think only 1 box worth. Brooke a little longer. I probably wouldn't stock up too much on the newborn size just 1 box maybe 2.

Lissa Nelson said...

Definitely Pampers. I think Hamilton was in newborn diapers for 1 1/2 to 2 months.

Kim Wennerlind said...

I agree with everyone else. I like pampers better with both my kiddos. I can't remember how long they were in the newborn ones, but I know it was not very long. Good luck! Oh and it was so fun to see your cute baby belly the other night!!! Wish we lived closer :(

Esther Attridge said...

The boxes I am looking into are 84 diapers (for either brand). Are you still thinking just 1 box? (I know bigger sizes come with 200ish per box).

ashley said...

My favorites were Huggies when we had income, I don't really like the smell of Pampers. Now I just buy whatever is cheapest. I also really like Target brand, way cheaper.

I just started an amazonMom account and get 30% each big box of brand name diapers, plus you can use coupons from magazines to get 20% or $10 off, plus the manufacturer coupons, etc. I just got 204 diapers for $0.08 per diaper (normally diapers go for $0.17-.20+). Here's info:

You should totally sign up for amazonMOM to get free amazonPrime. You get a trial for three months of the free 2-day shipping, but with each purchase over $25 it extends the Prime for one month.

Andrew only wore newborn for about 1 box worth, Lydia wore newborn for over a month - you never know.

Esther Attridge said...

I totally plan to sign up for amazon mom. It is a steal. I just got 2 coupons in magazines for an additional 20% off the 30% so I'm excited to use them!! Where do you usually get the manufacturers coupons?

Buell Fam said...

They don't make the newborn diapers in the bigger box sizes, because most babies aren't in them long enough. So, I still think 1 box will be sufficient.

Ashley Allred said...

Hey Esther, one other thing.....When they are newborns, plan on using about 10 diapers a day. That might help you plan on how many to get. That lasts for about 1 1/2 months and then decreases a little.

Karen said...

Oh. Look at you....getting ready. Well, I would say huggies. Pampers for me were a little bulky. But they change all the time. Always new and improved. Don't buy to many. They really will grow fast. Any more questions? This is fun.

Heather said...

PAMPERS!!! :-)

Shannon said...

ok i am and have always loved for newborns the Swaddlers. It's so comfortable, they leave no marks on their legs and it's comfy. However with Ivy, those didn't work well. They leaked all the time and it was very frustrating for me.
so then i switched to huggies. I like huggies when they are out of newborn size. and then for the rest of their diaper wearing days.

good luck. have fun and just buy different brands every so often to see what one you love best.

can't wait to see your cute little prego body!! haha

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