Thursday, December 4, 2008

It was fate!

I regrettably forgot to add one of my addictions to the fabulous blog. . . So You Think You Can Dance!! Tonight for mutual we went to It's a Wonderful Life at Kingsbury Hall - and who was George Bailey - Matt Dorame!!! Matt was seriously one of my favorites from SYTYCD last season - amazing dancer!! I had to ask him for a pic :) I just wish I had my camera instead of my camera phone

Here is Matt's audition video for SYTYCD. Where the magic started!


Anonymous said...

hey cheater face....just wanted to say i'll meet you for lunch at the usual time...and could you print off another 25 of those topic sheets, i uughhh, lost the first 25 you gave me. love you, husband

bethany j. said...

ahhh that is amazing, i am so jealous!!! was it a good show? that would be so much fun.

Buell Fam said...

So cool! I bet the play was awesome too. I am jealous!

karen said...

So fun. How neat. BTW-we watched Fred Clause tonight and we laughed too. However is there a mixed message in there to Dane. He is kind of the long lost brother. AL is way too far from family.

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