Monday, February 25, 2008

Ya! Aubrey Crawled :)

Aubrey's getting so old. I can't believe she is finally a crawler :) Congrats heath and Jeff


Katie Glade Bagley said...

I googled templates. Husband finally helped me make my blog look cool!

Buell Family said...

Thanks for putting Aubrey on your blog! How do you make it play automatically?

Buell Family said...

I am kind of a blog idiot - I don't know if I am supposed to answer your question on my blog or yours. Anyhow, I made my header in photoshop. I wanted a kind of digital scrapbook look. Anyway, if you want to make one - you can come over and I'll help you in photoshop.

ashley said...

Let's be honest... sometimes when I want to listen to music while I'm on the computer, I come to your blog for your playlist!

So thanks, and yes, that's me always lurking for the music's sake.

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