Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Valentine Extravaganza!

We had an awesome valentine weekend. Bryan woke me up with heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes. It was so cute! Then we left Thursday evening after class to go to a cabin with Cindy and John and J.J. We spent the whole weekend eating and playing the wii. Cin and I were too cold to go outside - even with Bryan's persistent asking if we wanted to take a walk :) We got home Sunday evening and then prepared to leave again Monday for Salt Lake! We stayed at the Anniversary Inn and ate at the Melting Pot. Best Valentine's ever thanks to my awesome husband!!


Justin & Coralie said...

What a sweet valentine's day! That sounds so fun. I hope y'all are doing well :)

Justin & Coralie said...

P.S. - I tagged you on our blog.

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