Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 months

She WALKS!! At 9 months and 1 week she took her first step while standing on her own. Since then she has progressed and 3 days before she turned 10 months she took 8 steps to her daddy. I love watching her face before she takes a step. I can tell she is trying to decide if she wants to let go of whatever furniture she's holding onto and take the step. She only lets go about half the time. (video below of the first day that she took multiple steps).

She is an awesome waver. She waves at everything all the time. I think her dad loves that she waves to him when he leaves in the morning for work.

She is still a people person and loves other babies. She has started giving hugs (putting her head on their chest) to other babies. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

She is loving music more and more everyday. I love having dance parties with her. She bops her head, waves her arms, kicks her legs and bounces up and down. We are in primary and she will even dance during singing time. It's so funny

She has become a daddy's girl. She prefers him to me whenever he is around. It's pretty adorable. He loves it too......except for when he walks in the door from working all day and she immediately goes to him and won't leave his side. I think he would like to change first but she won't have it.

She is babbling a ton. I think she is beginning to try to imitate sounds she is hearing. I'm not sure if she knows mama and dada yet. She says them all the time, but I'm not sure she is saying them to us. So, she's not really talking yet.

I do think she understands a few words though. She knows: milk, food, bye, hi, goodnight, nap, wave. She might know: book, story, kiss.

She is getting better at napping everyday! Which is heavenly!!!!! I live for her long naps now - I feel like I can do so much.

She got her first doll for Valentine's day and loves it. That baby gets all sorts of hugs and it has a binkie that is magnetic to it's mouth and Isla loves to try to give the baby it's binkie. She also tries to suck on it too :)

She just seems older this month. I think she looks older too. I love that she is getting older and older. It just means that we get to do more fun things every day!


L Johnson said...

So sweet!

Lyndee Wilkerson said...

So cute!

John and Ann Tolman said...

I hope you really enjoy all the "new" little things she does...pretty soon you will blink and think where did the time go!

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