Sunday, May 29, 2011

Best 24 hrs ever

We had the best 24 hrs with Isla!

I'll start with the best part and then go into details. Isla slept from about 10:30pm until 7am.

Bryan had to work all day Saturday because it was the Girls State Cup for soccer. So, Isla and I decided to join him at the soccer fields. Isla was so sweet the whole time. She slept in the car seat most of the time and only woke up to feed.

Then we decided to go out to dinner after our long day in the sun. Isla slept through all of dinner. Because she was sleeping so good - we decided to run a few errands that were way past due. She slept through all of our errands too!

As soon as we got home from our errands she woke up. I fed her and then we decided to give her a bath. She loves the bath.....until we get to cleaning her head. She then took a little nap while we waited for Elliot and Katie to come over with a movie.

(isn't that bathrobe and booties the cutest thing?)

After they got to our place I fed Isla again and then handed her over to Aunt Katie for a snuggle. Isla snuggled Aunt Katie for awhile and then fell fast asleep. We put Isla to bed at about 11pm and I went to bed about 11:30. Isla slept until 7am!

I couldn't believe how long she slept - and I couldn't believe how rested I felt.

We then got ready and went to church. This was my first week back to church! It was so nice to be back. And Isla was a hit. I think her darling outfit helped a bit.

(I just wish my sister-in-law was here to capture how cute she looked. Because this picture does not do justice.)

And bonus - Isla seems to be feeling a little better. She still has a runny nose and sounds stuffed up. But is coughing and sneezing much less.

Seriously - the best 24 hrs ever

I realize that yesterday was probably a fluke - but it was incredible. Here's to hoping she does something similar tonight.


Coralie said...

What a cute, cute baby! And how perfect that she slept so much! Wow!

Diana and Derek said...

Take advantage of it while you can. That's great! What a beautiful baby girl. She has great parents.

Missy said...

She is such a cutie! I love that little bath robe. Looks like Bryan got fried! :)

L Johnson said...

That is so awesome I hope she keeps it up for you! Love the robe!

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