Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1st Annual Bagley Family Reunion

My parents decided to pull the trigger this year and have our 1st Annual Bagley Family Reunion. We all met up for a week at Yosemite. I'm pretty sure my mom spent months planning and coordinating this reunion. She really did everything. The rest of us just showed up. She did an incredible job!

We stayed at the Scenic Wonder Cabins right in Yosemite Park

We all arrived at the cabin by about 4 pm and decided to just hang out, unpack, and eat. My mom brought the best food for the trip. I think we ate food from Omaha Steaks for every dinner.

The next morning we woke up and got ready for family pictures. Karen was the photographer for the family pictures (and really for the whole trip!). She did such a wonderful job.

After family pics we headed off to "hike" to Mirror Lake. Everyone took turns pushing the strollers and giving piggyback rides to the kiddos.

Across from Mirror Lake were stairs up to a place where people have built rock towers. Bryan and I decided we needed to make our own!

If you look closely at the picture below you can see why this lake is called Mirror Lake. You could literally see everything mirrored in the lake.

After our hike we headed home to have dinner and then watch the kids perform a talent show. It was one of the best parts of the trip.
The Comedians
The Magician
The Mama
The Athlete
The Ballerina
The Ballerina + 2 other dancers
The Mom and Dad Imitators
The Grandpa Ballerina

The next day most of the guys went golfing. So, the girls went on a train ride and panned for gold.

We met the boys back at the house for another amazing dinner and then Family Home Evening by Thomas and Kaylyn. They did an awesome job.

For our last day we hiked to Vernal Falls.
While we were eating lunch we saw a squirrel eating one of our apples. It was the cutest thing!

Right at the base of the falls. We were all getting soaked. But it was beautiful!

On the way back down to the car Katie and I saw some guys climbing up a huge rock. We decided we could do that. Thomas decided to join us too. In reality....we couldn't. But Bryan and Elliot helped us get up there. It was pretty fun to sortof climb and to watch Bryan and Elliot get so frustrated at the lack of our skills.

Finally at the top

Heading back down

The guys

The girls

The parents

Packing up to head to Yuba City

Brooke found a favorite aunt at the reunion. I've never seen Brookie go to anyone like she would to Karen.

At Yuba City we celebrated Tyler's bday and had a picnic at the park with the Tolman's

We started Tyler's birthday out by going to Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville

After the water park we headed to Chuck E Cheese's

Then back home to eat cake and ice cream

After cake and ice cream we played croquet

The next day we went to the park to meet up with the Tolman's

Our first family reunion was definitely a success! Thanks mom and dad :)

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