Thursday, April 1, 2010

Visiting Cindy & John and the kiddos

At the end of May Bryan and I took the drive to Dallas to visit the Merris'. We packed up the Uhaul with the rest of their things and started the drive.

Here is Bryan right at the start of the trip. He drove the whole 20 hrs.

And here I am trying to settle into my little space. Apparently Bryan and I decided that these are all the pics we would need for the trip. Because I don't have any pictures while we were actually with the fam.

This is what JJ was doing while we were driving. This is him talking on the phone to us and waiting patiently. (pic from Cindy's camera)

It took JJ a minute to get used to me and BA when we first got there. But, after about 20 min he warmed right up. (pics from Cindy's camera)

Poor Cindy and JJ got sick while we were visiting. This morning JJ was especially bad. He was sleeping on the big couch with Cindy and I was seating on the love seat on the other side. When JJ woke up Cindy had left and he immediately called out for me. I went over to check on him and he let me cuddle him while feeding him yogurt. It was sad how sick he was - but it was kinda fun cuddling him. (pics from Cindy's camera)
We had a blast with the Merris'. We can't wait to go back to Texas (but hopefully it will be much less windy when we visit again).

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