Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines

This was one of my favorite Valentine Weekends ever!

The celebrating started Friday Night with my favorite Valentine tradition. On our first Valentine, Bryan brought Little Caesars Pizza, Martenelli's, Chocolates, and two romantic movies to my apartment. So, every year since then we have enjoyed Little Caesars the day of Valentines and have gone out to eat on a different night. With Valentine's being on Sunday this year, we decided to get the pizza Friday night.

Saturday night, Elliot and Katie hosted us (and Steve & Summer and Heather & Jeff) to our version of the Melting Pot. It was seriously so delicious and Katie did such a great job decorating. For more deets see Heather's Blog!

Monday afternoon we headed up to Park City to celebrate Katie's birthday with a little outlet shopping, eating, and hot tubbing.

Seriously.....it was such a great weekend!

Hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's and the extended weekend :)


Lyndee W. said...

The fondue looks awesome!

karen said...

Looks and sounds like fun. We miss you and think you need to come for a visit.

Amy said...

I'm so glad that you guys had a great V-day:) We miss you guys tons!

Missy said...

It was fun seeing you guys for Kelli's sealing! You two are so cute, I'm excited to see what your kids will look like :) You have fun posts, I'd love to see more!

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