Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

This year we spent Christmas with the Attridges in Oktown.

But, before we headed to Washington we made the traditional gingerbread houses with the Merris'

Bryan and I made Calli's house and Cindy and John helped JJ make his. We titled Calli's "Calli's Cabin" We thought we were pretty creative :)

We flew out the day before Christmas and spent a few days hanging with the family.
Rae spent a lot of time dancing - sometimes with Bryan and sometimes with Kaedn

Christmas Morning
Jill wrote a letter to Santa the night before and the next morning we found a lengthy and comical letter from Santa (front and back on the yellow pad)

I got to go ice skating for my first time.
I'll just be honest - I spent most of the time just as I was in these pictures. Holding onto the wall :) Still fun though!

Our Christmas tree back in Orem!

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