Monday, September 7, 2009


About a month ago Bryan and I went to Okanogan! Most of Bryan's family still lives in or around Okanogan, so it's so fun to visit and see everyone. We realized that we hadn't been back for a year and a half (yikes!). Rae was off helping Dave and Amy with the new baby so we didn't get to see Rae or the Arizona Attridges which was a bummer, but hopefully we'll see them soon. The highlight of the trip was going to the Omak Stampede. At the stampede they have the world famous suicide race. There were like 15 contestants who rode horses down an extremely steep hill and into the stadium. Before the race they had a bunch of rodeo type competitions. It was so fun! (I didn't know I had any cowgirl in me) All of the girls got matching cowgirl hats to fit in. My only complaint is that I wish it was a longer trip! Seriously everyone we need to get together again soon

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