Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taggity Tag Tag

I know I have taken a bit of a break from bloggin. . . .so I thought the way to jump back into it would be by doing the tag my cousin sent!! Thanks Lyndee

Alright - so here's the dealio: Google for the photos and choose one from the first list displayed.

My age:

The age I think would be rockin to be forever:

A place (or places) I would like to travel:

My favorite place:

(this happens to be where we honeymooned)

My favorite object:

(I really enjoy sleeping)

My favorite food:

(if you asked any of my siblings this question they would say - chicken, salad and bread. I'm not sure why that is always my answer. . . .but it is. I also had to add on chocolate)

My favorite color:

My favorite animal:

The city I was born in:

(we actually went back there to visit last weekend - and I may have fallen in love. More to come later!)

The city where I live:

Name of a past pet:

My first name:

My middle name:

My last name:

seriously. . .when I googled attridge my blog header came up - kinda funny

Bad habit:

My first job:

Name of my grandmothers:

College I graduated from/where I work:

Anyone that would like to participate in this tag is welcome to!!


p-boi said...

Great job! I love this tag because I love seeing what pics everyone chose! I'm surprised to see you found a pic with Marvella on it...it's not a very common name!

bethany.j said...

yay you're blogging again!!!!!!! too funny about your blog header in google images.

karen said...

Ahhhh. You are so cute. Glad to see you blogging again!

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